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Performer Name:


Internet Calendar Address for Upcoming Performances and

Contact information (email):

Resides in (County/State):
Los Angeles California

Teach Classes at:
San Pedro California

Primary Dance Form:
Tribal Fusion/Triberet

Other Dance Forms:
Cabaret/Danse Oriental

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to:
    Currently loving Niyaz, always enjoy Lisa Gerrard and
    Dead  Can Dance and of course the ubiquitous Cheb i
    Sabbah mixes

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to:
    Pick anything except pop country, gangsta rap or smooth
    jazz and I am pretty much with ya!

Favorite Dancer (famous):
Carolina Nerricio and Jill Parker

Favorite Book:
The Dragonrider Series by Mc Caffery

Astrological Sign:

Birth Month and Day:
February 15th

    Los angeles, California <third generation Los Angelinio,
    mind you!>

Other Occupations:
Professional Artist/Jeweler

    My life is one big hobby but being a founding co-ordinator
    and website  mistress of the Shimmy Showcase in Long  
    Beach keeps me well occupied

    Currently, my student base is approximately 18-20 women.
    At this time I choose to only teach women, as it appears we
    need the most support in developing power and strength in
    our lower chakaras. The media encourages unreasonable
    body goals and traditional cultural conditioning is very
    restrictive in this region of the body temple.

    Regardless if you wish to perform or simply want to move
    your body in rhythm, it is healing and beneficial to come
    together as a group and remember the “sisterhood” that is
    formed as we fly like a flock of starlings in the dance!
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