Dancer Showcase Presents  Alli Ruth
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Performer Name: Alli Ruth


Contact information (email): (coming
very soon)

Resides in (County/State): Los Angeles, CA

Teach Classes at: Beginning level privates only, please
email me for further details.

Primary Dance Form: American-Turkish Bellydance

Other Dance Forms: I’ve dabbled in many but cabaret
bellydance owns my heart.
Favorite Artist or CD to dance to: Mezdeke (or any amped up
Turkish pop), Solace, Lisa Gerrard,  Hossam Ramsey (if it’s drum
solos) and classics such as George Abdo and Eddie Kochack.

Favorite Dancer: I suspect would have been Isadora Duncan
however the most beautiful I’ve seen to this day is Sa’ Elayssa

Favorite Book: Dancing Fear and Desire by  Stavros Stavrou

Favorite Movie: Contempt

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Birth Month and Day: April 23

Birthplace: Houston, TX

Other Occupations: I have a online bellydance shop at

Hobbies: Costuming, reading theory, baking, making video &
installation art.

Student/ Degrees: Masters in Fine Art from California Institute of
the Arts, Bachelors in Art from Cal State Northridge, licensed