Dancer Showcase Presents Barabara West
Performer Name:    Barbara West

Dance Troupe:  Irvine Follies

Contact information (email):

Resides in (County/State):    Orange County California

Teach Classes at:   Irvine Follies

Primary Dance Form:   Tap

Other Dance Forms:   Chorus Line / other various types

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to:  Any Broadway Show Tunes

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to:   Celine Dion

Favorite Dancer:   Bob Fosse

Favorite Book:  The Bible

Favorite Movie:  Gone With the Wind

Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius

Birth Month and Day:  December 21st

Birthplace:    Iowa

Other Occupations:   Procurement

Hobbies:   Dancing, gardening, cooking, interior/exterior design,   

Student/ Degrees:  Associates Degree