Dancer Showcase Presents  Christiana
Internet Calendar Address for Upcoming Performances and Classes:,

Contact information (email):,

Resides in (County/State): Los Angeles, CA (but, of course)

Teach Classes at:  Your place or mine

Primary Dance Form: belly dance/tribal fusion

Other Dance Forms: modern jazz, ballet, contemporary

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to: Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Souhail Kaspar

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to: Sergei Rachmaninoff

Favorite Dancer(s): Bob Fosse, Nijinsky, Margo Abdu O’Dell
Performer Name: Christiana (Chrissy Miller)

•        Dance Troupe: Myths & Legends Dance Co., self

•        Website:
Favorite Book: Wuthering Heights (I’m a sucker for romance)

Favorite Movie: Animal House

Astrological Sign: Leo (roar)

Birth Month and Day: August 4

Birthplace: Hollywood, CA

Other Occupations: Criminalist-in-training, percussionist

Hobbies: Middle Eastern drumming, dancing (belly dance, modern jazz, ballet, just shaking my booty),
honoring nature, running, writing, art, loving my doggies (Husky mixes), collecting anything related to the
majesty of wolves (the smartest creatures alive)

Student/ Degrees: BA, Film (presently working on a degree in Criminal Justice)