Dancer Showcase Presents  Elizabeth Larios
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Performer Name: Elizabeth Larios

·         Contact information (email):

·        Resides in (County/State): Bellflower, California.

·        Takes Classes at: I’m a student at the Bellflower Sims Park.

·        Primary Dance Form: Middle Eastern Dance

·        Other Dance Forms: Latin dance, Jazz, Ballet

·        Favorite Artist or CD to dance to: Warda, Nancy Ajram, Alabina and Ishtar

·        Favorite Artist or CD to listen to: Gypsy kings, Ishtar and Tarkan.

·        Favorite Dancer): Rania Bssonis, Jillina and Suhaila Salimpour,
Abraiha.Jenna and Raquy (drum player), Amira Mor

·        Favorite Book: Mainly the Bible and the Koran, but I also like the Book:
"The jorney of Self-Discovery by A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

·        Favorite Movie: Save the last dance

·        Astrological Sign: Aries.

·        Birth Month and Day: April 12th.

·        Birthplace: Guadalajara Mexico.

·        Other Occupations:  Melaleuca Independent Marketing Executive, Retail Sales.

·        Hobbies: I enjoy dancing, reading about other cultures and teaching children about the bible.

·        Student/ Degrees: Still in College, Major: Child Development, Preschool Teacher.