Dancer Showcase Presents  Eshta Amar
Performer Name:  Eshta Amar


Internet Calendar Address for Upcoming Performances and Classes:

Contact information (email):
Resides in (County/State):   
Los Angeles County, CA

Teach Classes at:  YMCA in
Van Nuys and North Hollywood

Primary Dance Form:  
Egyptian Cabaret Belly Dance
Favorite Artist or CD to dance to:  Mohammed Abdel
Wahab & George Abdo

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to:  Ulrich Schnauss,
Edith Piaf, Curtis Mayfield

Favorite Dancer:  Fifi Abdo, Orit, Jillina

Favorite Book:  The Waves by Virginia Woolf

Favorite Movie:  The Fountain
Astrological Sign:  Taurus

Birth Month and Day:  May 8th

Birthplace:  Northern California

Other Occupations:  Small business owner

Hobbies:  I play the harp and make belly dance costumes