Dancer Showcase Presents  Lapis

Likes to listen to Music of:  bellydance

Favorite Dancers:  
Jillina,Saida,Sadie,Bozenka and all
beautiful dancer!!

Favorite Book:  : japanese book

Los Angeles County, CA


Primary Dance Form:   Middle Eastern

Teach Classes at: private lesson at
hollywood 310.774.1743

Favorite Dance Music:  cairo
orchestra,drum solo

Favorite Movie: Alot

Hobbies:  my dogs, making costume

Astrological Sign: Libra

Birthplace:  Japan

Other Occupations:  online apparel business to japan

Comments: 'I try my best to make you guys enjoy while watching me dance. please feel free to
contact me for anything! I am more that welcome to have you guys in my dancing life! :) arigato! '