Dancer Showcase Presents  Marlena

Dance Troupe:  Troupe Raihaanah (student performing group)


Internet Calendar Address for Upcoming Performances and
Classes:  see web site

Contact information (email):

Resides in (County/State):  Orange County, California

Teach Classes at:  Westminster Performing Arts Center
(Wespac), City of Santa Ana at the Selgado Center

Primary Dance Form:  Egyptian Raqs Sharki, American Cabaret,
Saidi (Raqs Assaya)

Other Dance Forms:  some Jazz in College

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to:  Hakim, Hossam Ramzy, all the
Belly Dance Superstar CDs and the Wings of Isis CDs

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to:  Amir Diab

Favorite Dancers:  Tahia Carioca, Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdo, Anglika
Nemeth, Sahra Saeeda

Favorite Book:  The Bible

Favorite Movie:  Amadeus, West Side Story, Prince of Egypt, The

Birth Month and Day:  January 16

Birthplace:  Torrance, California

Other Occupations:  Being a mommy, Legal Assistant

Hobbies:  Listening to Talk Radio, collecting Camels

Comments:  I’ve been blessed in so many ways by my kids, my
dance passion, and the friends I have made in doing what I love to
do - dance.  Life is good.
Performer name:  Marlena