Dancer Showcase Presents  Pakita
Performer Name: Pakita

Dance Troupe: Enchantresses of the Desert

Contact information (email):

Resides in (County/State): Riverside Ca.

Teaches  Classes at: Riverside  private studio intermediate
ongoing classes Wednesdays and Saturdays, and in Carson
at Dance Time studio beginners ongoing class on Saturdays
Upcoming Performances :

May 18th. Dance show case at Sea food Prince Rest. In Cerritos

May 26th. Belly dance show at Sea Side Palace Persian Rest. In Torrance

Jun 03rd. Caffe Haven in Long Beach

Jun 09th. Pakita and Enchantresses of the Desert at Cairo  Carnivale in
Santa Anita Race Track bazaar stage at 12:15 p.m

Jun 24th. MECDA Party in Laguna Beach
Primary Dance Form: Middle Eastern

Other Dance Forms: Latin dances, modern dance, and jazz

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to: Source of fire

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to: Hossam Ramzy

Favorite Dancer): Serena Middle Eastern dancer from Brazil

Astrological Sign: Libra

Birth Month and Day: October 12

Birthplace: Lima- Peru

Other Occupations: Proud mother and house wife

Hobbies: workout at the gym, bicycling, swimming,