Dancer Showcase Presents  Reina
Performer Name:  Reina

Contact information (email):

Resides in (County/State):        LA/CA

Primary Dance Form:  Belly Dance

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to:        
Arabesque, Eddie the Sheik, Kairo by Night,
Solace, Mosavo, Amr Diab, Hossam Ramzy,
Alabina, Saad        

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to:        Jeff Beals.
Fela Kuti, U2

Favorite Dancer):  Fahtiem, Aziza, Bozenka,
Angleika Nemeth, Katerina
Favorite Book:  Beloved, The Egyptologist,
Daughter of Fortune

Favorite Movie  Raiders of the Lost Ark  and
The English Patient

Astrological Sign:  Scorpio

Birth Month and Day:  10/26

Birthplace:  Puebla, Mexico

Other Occupations:        HS teacher

Hobbies:  running, beading, reading, travel

Student/ Degrees:  BA Political Science, MA
Political Science, MA Education