Dancer Showcase Presents Saviya
Performer Name: Saviya


Contact information (email):

Resides in (County/State):Orange/CA

Primary Dance Form: Middle Eastern

Other Dance Forms: East Indian, African, Jazz, FUSION

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to: Solace

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to: rock music and blues

Favorite Book: a new one every month

Astrological Sign: Sag

Birth Month and Day & Place: 12 18 San Diego

Hobbies:  Hostessing the
Sunday Shimmy Showcase

Other Occupations: Supervisor
Saviya, (Kim Wistos)  has danced for almost 2 decades in solo and troupe settings.  She has performed for
Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance, Dance Macabre, both in Hollywood, as well as the Robert B Moore
Theater, Cairo Carnival, Rakassah, Long Beach Festival of Dancing Colors, Laguna Sawdust Festival, and The
Coffee Haven in Long Beach, and at many benefits for children and animals.  She has been completely body painted
as an African sand cat, danced as an East Indian temple dancer, a vampire, a dragon, and a wide variety of

Having been a member of Mesmerasha, Rasa Shakti, and Menagerie,
Saviya is currently the Artistic Director for
Myths & Legends Dance Company, a troupe specializing in fusion/theatrical dance creations.  She also directs,
Tribe Roman Morga, a renaissance period gypsy troupe that can be seen on the Southern California renaissance
fair circuit.  She counts as her stellar teachers in Middle Eastern dance and Bharata Natyam, Angelika Nemeth,
Mesmera, Sahra, and Ramaa Bharadvaj.  As well as studying, Jazz, African, Ballet, Burlesque, Folk Dances,
Saviya also enjoys Swing social dance with her beloved husband Chris, who is the Musicians Circle Head for TRM.  

Saviya is a coordinator for the Shimmy Showcase in Long Beach, which offers many opportunities for dancers to
come strut their stuff. She has a passionate appreciation of all forms of dance transcending national and religious
borders, and loves to share her insight into the making of a dance.  “I love to dance as characters that create or
recreate a story.”  

Her motto is…“Life should not be counted by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away!”

Contact:  WEBSITE