Dancer Showcase Presents  Sina
•        Performer Name:   Sina

•        Dance Troupe:  I perform in Desert Sin and Urban
Tribal Dance Co

•        Website:

•        Resides in (County/State):  Los Angeles (West LA/
Santa Monica)

•        Favorite Dancer:
“If I have seen far, it is because I have stood on the
shoulders of giants.”  I have humbly learned something
from EVERY performer I have ever watched.  I am grateful
to not only my formal teachers, but also the informal
teachers, in all their pretexts and forms.  Narrowing it
down to a “favorite” is virtually impossible.

Sina began her love affair with dance sometime in
the year 2000 and since then, has studied it in its
various incarnations: flamenco; Bharata Natyam;
Kuchipudi; Odissi; Persian court and folk dances;
Tango; Lebanese Debke; Raqs Sharqi; American
Tribal Style bellydance; Nubian, Algerian, Turkish,
Saaidi, Khaleegi, Kurdish, Moroccan, and Tunisian
folkloric dances; Sufi whirling; hip hop; jazz;
contact improv, modern; and most recently, ballet.
She believes that dance is an unending,
interdisciplinary subject, and feeds photography,
sculpture, yoga, pilates, poetry and her
fascination with world cultures into her dance.  
She is an acclaimed choreographer and she has
also launched her own production company,
Malice Dreaming Productions, under which she
produces theatrical dance shows in the Los
Angeles area.

Her philosophy on dance is perhaps best summed
up the by Persian poet, Jelaluddin Rumi, who said,

"Dancing is not rising to your feet painlessly
like a speck of dust blown aroung in the wind
Dancing is when you rise above worlds
tearing your heart into pieces and giving up      
your soul."