Dancer Showcase Presents  Taji
Performer Name: Taji
Dance Troupe:  Taji’s class


Internet Calendar Address for Upcoming Performances and Classes:

Contact information (email):

Perfomances:Every Thursday at Babouch Restaurant, San Pedro,  
Various other festivals and restaurants around Southern California

Resides in (County/State): Los Angeles County, California

Teach Classes at: Long Beach Fairfield YMCA. Beginning and

Primary Dance Form: Cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, Persian, Fusion

Other Dance Forms: Vintage Ballroom, folk dancing

Favorite Artist or CD to dance to: John Bilezikjian” Magic”

Favorite Artist or CD to listen to: Turkish, Egyptian, Classical music,
current pop, Egyptian pop, east European folk music

Favorite Dancer): Sahra, Angelika, Atlantis, Tonya,  Alexandra King,
Judeen, Helena Vlahos

Favorite Book: whatever historical mystery I’m reading at the
moment, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings

Favorite Movie: Room with a View, comedies

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Birth Month and Day: February  26

Birthplace: Long Beach

Other Occupations: Housewife, artist, seamstress

Hobbies:going to theatrical performances, doing Victorian Balls with
my husband, my vegetable garden, staying in shape with the gym,
The Joharah Dancers-

Taji's Long Beach YMCA
Intermediate Class