Dancer Showcase Presents  Tehani


Jennifer "Tehani" Sarreal is a
Long Beach native who started
her dancing career at age eight
with a dance group within her
family.  Growing up in one of the
most culturally diverse cities in
the nation, she grew an affinity
towards other cultures and their
art forms.  
Today her dance repertoire
includes: the Polynesian
dances of the seven island
nations (including fire poi),
the international-style
ballroom and Latin dances
at the silver level, classical
and tribal belly dance,
Filipino folkdance, hip hop
and West African dance.  

Jennifer graduated from
CSULB with a BA in
Cultural Anthropology in
May 2006 and aspires to
continue her studies at the
graduate level in Dance
An avid traveler, humanitarian
and conservationalist, she has
been involved with projects in
the Philippines, Costa Rica
and India.  On January 27,
2007, Tehani produced Artists
for Humanity's first show and
has since been involved with
gathering artists through this
showcase of compassion.

Tehani has been a featured
performer at the Women's
Festival, crowned the Queen
of Miagao during the
Salakayan Festival in the
Philippines, and is a
published writer.